The Integrate Project exists to make the Church a more secure environment for LGB people. We want to carve out a space for same-sex attracted Christians to have voice and share their stories. We aim to help both The Church and same-sex attracted Christians realise the possibility of flourishing for these people and the value of that by sharing the stories of sexual minorities in the Church. We will also release written material and podcast episodes on subjects relevant to Christianity and sexuality.


The Value of LGB/SSA People in The Church: Disruption

I want us to think about what stands to be gained if The Church does well by the same-sex attracted people in its midst. How would the wider kingdom benefit from having thriving LGB/SSA Christians in our communities?

Reflections on Power and Vulnerability

Over the last three years, the powerful privileged have been dragged to light in droves and revealed to be exploitative. Simultaneously, racial minorities and sexual minorities have been spelling out to the world the nature of demographic victimhood, settling themselves in the middle of modern conversation, immovable, with an unrelenting gaze that demands you look them dead in the eye.